Lenora bread festival

Not far away from the town Volary, when you go in direction to the border to Germany, you can find a small town Lenora, which is known for centuries for its renowned glass-works, which was in operation until the nineties of the last century. Unfortunately, after an unsuccessful privatization attempt, the glass ovens of these glass-works were shut down  for good. The only thing left today are the ruins of the factory. However, this year, starting from 30.4., on one Saturday every month, there is one oven in which fire will be lit again – a public baker’s oven, where you can bake your own bread, rolls or cakes. If you will be staying at our B&B during these days, we recommend you to visit Lenora and take part in the public bread baking feast, which starts from 9 a.m. The dates in 2016 are as follows: 30.4., 28.5.,25.6.,30.7.,27.8.,24.9.,29.10.,26.11.,31.12.


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