The history of the town Volary reaches back to the 16. century, as the cattle men from Steyr and Tyrol, who introduced the intense methods of cattle keeping in an alpine style, settled down here. Their curstoms, dresses and architecture were strongly distintct from the native inhabitants of the Sumava mountains. These farmers have built in Volary and the surrounding area they own alpine style log houses, which were characterized by putting the whole farming activity and living space under one roof – living rooms, cattle-sheds, barns and court. The town of Volary thus had for centuries an architecture, which was unique in Bohemia by the presence of log houses (built fully or partially of logs).

Imagine them as wide and extensive construction, with fully or partially stone ground floor, having an attic room at the front with at least three window axes, porch, often with carved railings used for composing hay, wooden floor and a very wide gable roof. With that, however, the fires frequently occured, involving eg. the one in 1863,  when 59 houses, a school and a church burned down. Until now, only a couple of these unique buildings survived and Volary is the only place where you can see this building jewelry. In one of these  Alpine style houses, our B&B is located.

70 years ago, on 8. May 1946, the native inhabitants of this region were expelled in accordance with Beneš decrees. With them, the unique customs and tradition of Volary region dissapeared. Among them was also Ms. Pauline Haselsteiner (Sauheitl), who was the owner of the house Nr. 41, in which is our B&B Penzion Sněžná located. After the expulsion, Ms. Haselsteiner lived in Lampersdorf, Germany. Prior expulsion, the Helmut and Hermine Nagelmüller were also living in this house, who then moved to Stuttgart, Germany.

To the emptied border region then came new inhabitants, who had no connection to this region and its unique architecture. Many of alpine style houses, this more than 400 years old cultural legacy, were destroyed.

The house Nr. 41 then had several owners, until it was bought  in 2003 in a strongly damaged state by Mr. Rudolf Bayer, the idea came from his brother Mr Miloslav Zámečník and these two men rescued together this unique cultural relic. Out of his initiative this beautiful B&B was created, where the guests may enjoy the atmosphere of old Volary and explore the whole region and lost history of Šumava mountains.