Kamenná Hlava

Number of beds
Double bed
Single bed
Sofa bed
Baby cot
ground floor

The Kamenná Hlava room is located on the ground floor. It consists of a hallway and a bedroom with a double bed and two single beds. It has its own bathroom with shower and toilet. The windows lead to the garden.

The village of Kamenná Hlava, whose name Room 13 bears, was founded in 1795 on the southern slope of Žlebský Hill. At that time it was a local part of another village, Krásná Hora. The settlement of Kamenná Hlava consisted of a scattered development of courtyards with cultivated fields along the road. This group of cottages, sometimes also referred to as a solitude, lived an active life until the displacement of the German population after the Second World War. In the 1930s, there were about a hundred inhabitants. In the 1950s, a border zone was created on the site of the displaced settlement and no new inhabitants came. The abandoned yards were destroyed and today we can only find the overgrown foundations of some buildings and a memorial plaque. It is located on one of the large granite boulders that form a grouping resembling a human head - hence the name of the settlement. The border between the Czech Republic and Bavaria still runs through the valley below the extinct settlement.

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