Krásná Hora

Number of beds
Double bed
Single bed
Sofa bed
Baby cot
ground floor

Room Krásná Hora is located on the ground floor. It consists of a hallway and a bedroom with a double bed. It has a private bathroom with shower and toilet. The windows lead to the garden.

The room bears the name of the settlement of Krásná Hora, which was founded in 1710 on the slopes towards Bavaria. At that time it was divided into three parts - Upper and Lower Krásná Hora and Spálenec. The farmsteads were not located in one place, but were scattered on the slopes. One main road ran through the village, which had branches to the individual buildings. Above the first cottage of Horní Krásná Hora there is still a mysterious rock hill called Kamenná Hlava, where there was once a settlement with the same name. There was a travelling school in Krásná Hora since 1823. In 1874 a permanent wooden school was built and from 1891 there was a stone school. However, the children often neglected to attend school - their help on the farm during the agricultural work was to blame, and in winter the snow often made the journey to school impossible. The inhabitants of Krásná Hora were involved in forestry and also in the cultivation and processing of flax. In 1921 there were 338 inhabitants in a total of 47 houses. In 1928, a monument with a memorial plaque was unveiled in Krásná Hora to the gendarme constable and Russian legionnaire Jindřich Vrabec, who was struck by lightning at the age of thirty-one while on night duty.

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