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Double bed
Single bed
Sofa bed
Baby cot
ground floor

Room Mlaka is a cosy double room, the smallest in the whole guesthouse. It is located on the ground floor and consists of a hallway and a bedroom with two single beds. It has its own bathroom with shower and toilet. The windows lead to the garden.

The room was named after the settlement of Mlaka. Its name comes from the Old Czech word "mlaka" - swamp, bog, or from the Latin "lacus" - stagnant water fed by tributaries. The German name "Moorhäuser" also refers to the nearby wetlands along the bordering Moss Creek. The village was located at the present-day pedestrian border crossing Mlaka - Bischofsreut. This area was inhabited and cultivated in the past. The first house was built in 1750 and seven more houses were added over time. The houses were built along the road following the old Golden Trail from Prachatice to Passau in Germany. There was also a small chapel where local people prayed every day. After the Second World War, the local German population was displaced and during the communist regime there was a strictly guarded military zone. The settlement was razed to the ground and was not inhabited again. The road from the former Mlak across the Mechový potok leads to the neighbouring Bavarian Bischofsreut.

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