Nové Údolí

Number of beds
Double bed
Single bed
Sofa bed
Baby cot
1st floor

The New Valley Room is located on the first floor, with an outdoor wooden staircase. It consists of two separate bedrooms. In the first bedroom there are two single beds next to each other, in the next bedroom there are three single beds. The bathroom with shower and toilet is shared. The windows of both bedrooms face the road.

The room is named after the extinct village of Nové Údolí, which was founded in 1793. It was a lumbering, fast-growing settlement, which in 1840 was already larger than the neighbouring Stožec. In 1910, the village was further developed when the railways connecting the town of Volary with the Bavarian town of Haidmühle passed through the village. This was the period of the village's greatest prosperity, with 271 inhabitants living in a total of 35 buildings. The village had a gendarmerie, a financial guard, a hunting lodge, a shop and a one-class school. Hugo Smitka's Hotel Hochstein was even built above the station. There was also a pub - guests could eat well and sleep cheaply in the local inn. After 1948, due to political events, the railway connection with Bavaria was cut off and all but one barn was demolished. In 1990, the railway service was restored, but there were about 15 km of tracks missing, so the railway still ends at the Nové Údolí station and does not continue to Germany. Today, the 105 m long shortest human-powered international railway in the world operates on the original embankment, and the historic carriages house the Museum of the Posumava Railways.

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