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ground floor

Room Radvanovice is located on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible. It consists of a hallway and a bedroom with two raised single beds with adjustable grating. It has its own bathroom with shower and toilet. The windows lead to the garden. All the layout of this room and access to the dining room is adapted for guests with disabilities.

The first mention of the village of Radvanovice, after which room 10 is named, dates back to 1581. The village was made up of buildings along the road leading to Dolní Cazov - north-west of today's Stožec, near the village of České Žleby. Data from the 1920s show that the village of Radvanovice at that time consisted of 31 houses with almost two hundred inhabitants. However, the settlement suffered a similar fate as many other villages in the area. While until the Second World War there was a bustling life here, the 1950s saw the culmination of displacement. Today there is a stone memorial on the site of the vanished village with the dates of the origin and disappearance of Radvanovice. In addition, you will find here the remains of former Radvanovice buildings. The name of the village is still preserved in the name of Radvanovice Hill, a hill located to the east of the original village and reaching a height of 1012 m above sea level.

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