Number of beds
Double bed
Single bed
Sofa bed
Baby cot
1st floor

The Guard Room is located on the first floor and has an outdoor wooden staircase. It is the largest in the whole guesthouse, consisting of one large room with six single beds. There is a possibility of an extra bed for 2 adults or a baby cot. It has its own bathroom with shower and toilet. The windows lead to a quiet atrium and garden.

The village of Strážný, after which the room is named, is today known thanks to the Czech-Bavarian border. However, today's town was a historical settlement that was founded on the Golden Trail in 1689 and for a long time was called "Kunžvart". In the 19th century there were almost 850 German inhabitants, a school, a post office, a hotel and a mill. The local inhabitants were engaged in the manufacture of wooden household tools. The village grew rapidly and in 1833 the international road from Prague to Passau passed through the village. As a result of the Second World War, the German population was evicted and the border crossing was subsequently closed. Today's name "Strážný" was given to the village in the 1950s, after the hill that stands near the village. The original name was left to the ruins of the castle on the eastern slope of Strážný. Today, Strážný is a typical border village with basic amenities and more than 400 inhabitants.

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